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Click my pet to help level him!

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@Tiler You could always post him in this thread:

All you have to do is Gift-A-Hatch the pet who posted above you and then post your pet - whoever posts next will Gift-A-Hatch your egg. :D You can also place eggs in the Pet Spotlight here:


Hopefully this helps you with getting your eggs hatched~ :) 

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      Hi there  
      If you link your profile on a post i'll be happy to click some of your eggs for you  I'm happy to do up to twenty, I would love it if you could click some of my eggs back too, it doesn't have to be as many as I clicked but I would appreciate it
      I'm also happy to do a Hatch swap if you want but only one per person a day, I wouldn't be able to afford anymore, not right now anyway.
      Ok? Awesome!  Feel free to message me if you like <3
      Also I'll add just in case, this is not limited to newbies, any one can post.