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Mayo's Item Archive

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ClothesHair, Other, To-Do | Sneak Peaks

This is where I'll be keeping all of the items that I've submitted, including things waiting for approval. Idk if this site is dead though because I notice that it's been quite some time since the last approved items. ^^;; Hopefully I'm not too late

To make viewing these a little easier, I've placed them over the player base ^^ 

The date is when I submitted the items. 


OwO Shirt M; [2.16.19] Status: Pending




OwO Shirt F; [2.16.19] Status: Pending




Baby Doll Dress; [1.20.19] Status: Approved



(Mauve, spring green, charcoal, cherry, cobalt, and plum) 

Circle Skirt; [1.20.19] Status: Approved



(Baby pink, yellow, white, black, and lime) 

Over-sized Sweater F; [1.18.19] Status: Approved



(Gray, teal, and pink)

Over-sized Sweater; [1.18.19] Status: Approved



(Gray, teal, and pink)


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ClothesHair, Other, To-Do | Sneak Peaks


Curled Pixie; [2.16.19] Status: Pending



(Pink sunset, tropic blue, cotton candy)

Beachy Waves; [1.20.19] Status: Approved



(Sunset, frost, chocolate, and blonde) These are all the colors I made for this cut. I really like the way I did the dark roots on these. ^^ (And I noticed there wasn't too many things like this in the avatar shop) My favorite is probably sunset 



Bulky Scarf; [2.16.19] Status: Pending



(Black, cream, crimson, dusty blue, pink)

Gleeful Eyes; [1.20.19] Status: Approved



(Light brown, green blue, dark brown, baby blue, green, pink, purple, and red) A whopping 8 colors ^^

*Note: This is on the female avatar but it's submitted to the neutral category

Park; [1.19.19] Status: Pending



(Gold) The only background I made :o


To-Do List

Tech inspired clothes

Beach outfits

Animal themed clothes


Please comment below if you have any tips or suggestions for items. ^^ I'd love to hear what you have to say

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