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~Looking For Clouded Leopards/Eggs~ [ O P E N ]

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~What is Glow looking for now?~

clouded leopards.

yep, that’s it.

as soon as I saw the breed and how they looked- I just needed them to be; what would you call it? a specialization?

well, anyways, I am looking for clouded leopards for a reasonable price.

meaning, I won’t pay 80000 zc for an egg =/

oh, almost forgot! I am paying in zodiac crystals (zc)

I can pay in zc or I can trade my eggs/pets.

thanks y’all

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    • By HadesHipster
      Hello! I'm on the hunt for eggs to complete my wishlist. I'm up for buying eggs only because I enjoy clicking them xD PLEASE OFFER ME A PRICE!! I SUCK AT PRICING!
      Animals I'm very very interested in:
      American Staffordshire Terrier:
      Ball Python:
      Cane Croso Dog:
      Catahoula Leopard Dog:
      Clouded Leopard:
      Clown Fish:
      Clydesdale Horse:
      Dire Wolf:
      Golden Retriever:
      Grizzly Bear:
      Irish Elk:
      Jamaican Iguana:
      Mountain Lion:
      Polish Hound Dog:
      Queensland Heeler Dog:
      Sugar Glider:
       Tennessee Walking Horse:
      Threadfin Butterflyfish:
      Tibetan Fox:
    • By mcmuffin
      Hey guys! So, there are several species I've been looking for for a while now, and I've decided to list them here
      Also, I'm looking for males of Southern Flying Squirrel, Common Potoo and Barbary Lion (some alts preferable)
      These are the pets I'm looking for (I'll consider all alts unless otherwise stated):



      Other Mammals:




      What I Have to Offer:
      (Yeah, I added the spoiler sections to shorten the post  sorry!)
      Feel free to PM me about offers, particularly what you'd like in return.
    • By Lone Wolf
      Looking for
      (Yurei no Kami alt 6)
      Currently looking for Clouded Leopards
      I need alt's 3 and 5 as female. 

      Name your price, if it's reasonable I'll buy them from you. I will not buy any litter pets.
      Alt Swaps
      Have: (Alt 1 male, first generation)
      Need: (MUST be first generation. If alt 2 it must be male. If alt 4 it must be female. The gender doesn't matter for alt 3; which is the alt that takes priority over the other two)
      Need: (preferably male; will not trade for a litter pet)
      Need:(any stage)
      I'm Need:  
      Need: (preferably stage 1, willing to trade both alts for this)
      Need: (preferably stage 1)
      Need:(alt 2)
      Need:(stage doesn't matter)
      Currently looking for
      Spirit of July
      Need:  (Stage 1 ONLY)

      Spotted Hyena

      Red Wolf
       (Stage 1-3 ONLY)
      Kit Fox

      European Mink

      Queensland Heeler Dog

      Wyoming Wolf

      Saber Tooth Tiger

      Clockwork Panthera
       (Stage 1-2 ONLY)

      Hokkaido Dog


      Pug Dog
       (Stage 1-3 ONLY)
      Current status: Buying(but only the ones listed in the 'currently looking for' section)
      Felid Wayfarer(alt's 1-2 4-5)
      Yurei No Kami(alt's 6)
      Dhole(all alt's)
      Caracal Cat(Alt's 1 and 4)
      Queensland Heeler Dog(All alt's)
      Tiger Flitty(All alt's, stage 1 only)
      Spotted Hyena(alt's 1, 3-5)
      Red Wolf(All alt's, MUST be stage 1-3)
      Kit Fox(All alt's)
      Wyoming Wolf(All alt's)
      Alvah(Preferably male but I'll except female)
      European Mink(All alt's)
      3 Heartbreaker Kitsune's
      Saber Tooth Tiger(All alt's)
      Clockwork Panthera(Alt's 1, 4-6, all at stage 1 or 2)
      Thylacine(All alt's, preferably stage 1)
      African Wild Dog (alt's 1 and 6) must be stage 1-3)
      Eclipse(alt's 1-5)
      Falkland Island Wolf(alt's 1-5)
      Ferret(2-5(male) alt's 1-4(female) will NOT buy litter pets)
      Hokkaido Dog (all alt's)
      Jaguarundi(all alt's)
      Chilean Pudu(alt's 1-3, 5-6)
      Kitty alt 1
      Gender swapping
      For sale
      I'm not going to be uploading every single pet since there are many of them, but here's the link to all my pets I have for sale, if you see any you want, just link them here or message them to me(I'm working on naming them with their price). http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Lone%20Wolf
      they're in my room titled 18.Selling
    • By Oddorable1
      I'm willing to buy the Alts i need but at a reasonable price.
      * * * I'm not sure which pets on this site are breedable,so to generalise,i do not accept Litter Pups unless i'm looking for a certain crossbred outcome. * * *
      None of my pets listed here are litter pups,unless stated at the very bottom of this post in a separate group. 
      Thank you for your time and trades.

      Looking to Buy these:  On Hold
      Wild Turkey

      Canada Lynx

      Pembroke Welsh Corgi
      Birman Cat
      Fairy Pompom (Gender does not matter)
      Toy Poodle (Gender does not matter)
      Spirit Realm


      Shark Wyvern

      Splatter Pups

      Peculiar Pups

      Felidae Neona

      Miniature Pinscher Dog
      Trading Alts:
      Christmas Bandit
      Sorcery Owl
      Common Potoo
      Toy Poodle
      Striped Skunk
      Queensland Heeler Dog
      Pembroke Welsh Corgi
      Sand Cat
      Witchcraft Cat
      Vampire Woof
      Fairy Horse
      Birman Cat
      Equus Draconus
      California Sea Lion
      Nile Crocodile
      Stocking Stuffer 2015
      Koala Bear
      Red Kangaroo
      Gemstone Dragon
      Holiday Spirit Bear
      Christmas Panda
      Tibetan Fox
      Stuffed Pup
      Indian Gharial
      American Staffordshire Terrier
      Cloaked Forest Cat
      American Cocker Spaniel Dog
      Blue Jay
      Barbary Lion
      Sphynx Cat
      Northern Quoll
      Akita Dog
      Boston Terrier Dog
      Chilean Pudu
      Chinese Crested Dog
      Leprechaun Sheep
      Peacock Gryphon
      Gift Grabber
      Fancy Rat
      Prehistoric Pals
      Teeny Tigers
      Faerie Pup
      Mystical Pegasus
      Three Tailed Kitty
      Pit Bull Buddy
      Birthstone Dragon
      Giant Panda
      Woolly Mammoth
      Bombay Cat
      Wings Of Paradise
      Siberian Husky
      Treasure Guardian
      Shark Wyvern
      Keeshond Dog
      Berry Cute Ponies
      Bloodstone Dragacorn
      Bald Eagle
      Thunder Cat
      Love Seeker
      Caracal Cat
      Emperor Penguin
      Atlantic Puffin
      Common Raven
      Mute Swan
      Eurasian Tree Sparrow 
      Atlantic White Spotted Octopus
      Pug Dog
      Shetland Sheepdog
      Russian Dwarf Hamster 
      San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat
      Maine Coon Cat
      Swift Fox
      Red Fox
      Gray Wolf
        Fennec Fox
      Munchkin Cat
      Shiba Inu Dog
      Felidae Neona
      Virginia Opossum
      Red Panda
      Spirit Realm
      Miniature Pinscher Dog
      Sun Bear
      These are Cross Breed Litter Pup for Trade:
      What i'm Looking For: (Will consider others)
       Any Gender 
            Any Gender 
       Any Gender
    • By Krafty
      Kraftys Shop
      Selling / Buying / Alt Swapping
      For Sale
      Hi, I have a few old Pets I'd like to trade or sell.

      MY PROFILE  (look in Sales category for more pets, pets in unsorted might be for sale if you make me a good offer).
      Alt Swaps

      I am mainly looking to buy pets that are missing from my collections of pets that I already have. I'm not extremely interested in CYO's or fantasy pets (with some exceptions) so those are generally low priority for me. My most wanted pets are in my wislist. 
      I'm buying any egg drop octopuses, any stage for 75zc each!  I'm hoarding them.


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