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@pamelahoward Hey! Here's a brief explanation on how brushes work:

If you bought this one:cyo.png 

-This brush allows you to color a pet (on a PA base; you can find the bases here: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/forum/45-psd-board/) You can download any of these bases to color (and with this^ brush you can make minimal edits to the base) and then when you are finished you can submit your pet to be accepted and then added to the site here: http://www.petadoptables.com/custompet.php?do=color. With this brush you are only allowed to make 1 alt. You can make the pet private (meaning only you can take out the eggs and distribute them) or you can make it public (meaning your egg can be available in the egg drop). Making a pet private costs zp though. After your pet is approved it is added on to the site, and you can have it for yourself and they can also be sold. 

Each brush is different. For instance, while that one above only allows minimal edits and 1 alt, the Supreme CYO Alt Brush allows you to make a lot of edits to the base and you can have as many alts as you want (up to 6 alts)

Unfortunately you cannot color a pet that you already have (like the Ball Python); only the bases that are downloadable on the .PDS board. It's a lot like making HA Items.

I hope this helped. :)

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      Making this post separate from my Panda's HAI thread as it deals with something else entirely.
      Items here will have the following order of status:
      Idea (i've will be making it at some stage) Designed (i've done a basic design for it) Pending (submitted) Approved (ready to buy) OR
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      Can I change my username on the main site?
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      Like the title says. Don't care if female or male. Reply or message me a price.