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Trick or treat


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There should be a pumpkin near the top when you click on a profile, and an option for 'trick or treat' just under it. You should use the list of online players (at the very bottom of pages) to see who has been online in the last half hour as those are the only ones that give candy. Good luck!

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    • By Minktastic
      Hello, I'm Mink! I joined only a few days ago, and I'm already addicted to this website. I really enjoy viewing and collecting the super cute and cool pets this website has to offer. I'm still in the process of learning the ways of this game. I'm already a member of CS (Rainbow Blitz) which is also a really fun game.
      What is there to know about me? For starters, I love animals. To be more specific, my FAVORITE animal is a hyena. Hyenas look really cool and I just love the sounds they make. I'm very shy and try to be as friendly as possible towards others. I love playing video games such as Sims 3, Borderlands 2, and Bioshock. Also, my all time favorite movie is Ponyo.
      I only have three questions.
      1. What's up with custom pets? How do I make and/or obtain some? Same question for the custom avatar/pet clothes.
      2. Is there any way to get ZP without purchasing it with real money?
      3. Anyone like dank memes?
      Thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a nice day! (^ω^)
    • By Dark Shaman
      Hello there, I am new. I already love this game. And the thing I like the most for now is that you can dress up your pets and avatar as you wish, even with things you created by yourself!
      Can a newbie try to add an item for an avatar? And I have got another one little question: how do you submit different colors of one clothing? I've tried to do as it was described in the guide, but I failed. I also tried to seek for more information, but failed again. I think that I didn't really understand what should I do. Just need to know this for future.
    • By KeepSwimming
      So I used to have an account and I got an update email about an even but I tried to log in today and couldn't remember my username so I tried only entering my email but it wont work! I can't make another account because it says "Email already used". Please help me!

    • By Cyrocrystal
      Hi! I just registered on PetAdoptables today and I have lots of questions! Questions. Questions. x3

      1~What is the Meadow? And what does it mean by, "Oops! You are not a member of a team yet or are still pending!"?

      2~What is this forum for?

      3~What is the Advent Calendar?

      4~What is Fishing? And how do you fish?

      5~What is the Abandoned room?

      6~How can you defeat the animals in adventure?

      7~Can you trade pets?

      8~What are credits?

      9~ What are shells?

      I'm looking for a mentor and some friends too. ^^

    • By SoareAndThing
      Hi! I'm not really sure where to put this. So, mods, if it's in the wrong spot, feel free to move it where you think is best! :-}

      I have a few questions about pet birds, especially budgies(parakeets). If you know the answer, please feel free to post it!! :-)

      Do they smell bad?
      How much human contact do they need?
      Do they get along well with dogs?
      How good of a pet do they make?
      What are some of the pros and cons of having a pet bird?
      Would it pick on a rabbit?
      What about a beta fish?
      I kinda want a bird that is okay with me not playing with it, but will enjoy me playing with it when I do get around to it. Any suggestions?
      How would the bird do with me going away for a night each week?