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Koalie - 24 hour suspension

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The member Koalie has been given a 24 hour suspension due to personally attacking and flaming on the forum, along with spreading false rumors.

What about your maturity, Emma?

She just bans people because she doesn't like them. Ban me then. What have I done? What has Lucky done? What did Allie do? What did bluebell_rose do? What did DemonicJ do? What did Dusty do? What did Winty do?

Then coming to our chat and causing a commotion WAY greater then any one of us have.. If anyone's to be banned from the SB or PA in general it should be Emma, the power crazy admin.

I just think it ridiculous they're basing it on something like maturity, especially seeing the way Emma acted in yarolds chat two days ago.

Which show's how mature she really is, which is about that of a 10 year olds.

So why should she be the one to decide who gets to chat and who doesn't? Doesn't seem very logical to me.

The above quotes came from this thread: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/3885-cant-talk-in-sb/page__st__20

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