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Hoshi's Art Thread

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@hoshi Hi again! (: I sent you another brush. This time, it is an alternate paintbrush. If you have a question feel free to ask. I know you can do it! (: Your art always comes out wonderful. :) Can't wait! ^^

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Hi, just sent in a brush. I'm hoping you can do these for me. Please make sure they look like cats, facial features, etc. even though they have extra parts.

Here's the description:

Lunar Felines

Site Description: These nocturnal kitties are found on the dark side of the moon and during a solar eclipse they are able to teleport to Earth to lay their eggs. They are very shy and can be found on the highest mountains tops all around the world. They hide their nests in the mountain caves, heating the sand around them with their flame breath. Sometimes the mothers forget to come back for the eggs in time and savvy humans can capture the hatching eggs. It looks like you are one of the lucky ones! You have adopted a telepathic feline from space.

Description: These are winged cats, six legs, long prehensile tails, two bobbing antennae on their heads just over their eye/brow area, their ears are longer than Earth cats but just as pointed (frequently with gold earrings on either their left ear or right ear). They have a third eye in the middle of their forehead often a different color than the other two eyes as it reflects their clans. Other than that, their faces resemble earth cats around the nose and mouth, including long whiskers. Their wings are batlike and large to carry their weight. These are cute and very playful at most of their life-stages; apparently they are immortal.

Alts coloring: white, pale blue, pale green, pale pink, pale purple, and black. (pale as in pastel - wings can either match or be a complementary color to make them stand out).

3rd eye colors: emerald green, ruby red, amber yellow, sapphire blue.

tails are striped (their wing color with their body color) or your choice.

If you can think of anything else to make them standout, such as a glow, that would be awesome! They should be an anime/realistic/cartoonish cute blend.

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This is for the last brush I sent through the other day. Again, no rush.


Site Description: these large panther-type cats frequent the jungles of Zarbados, in southern Atlantis on the isle of Danzhot. They are horned like wildebeasts and have batwings that stretch 20 feet from side to side. They are predatory cats that make their nests in the tallest trees to dissuade hunters from harvesting them. Parents mate for life and are extremely possessive of their young, even when in egg form. Each nest contains 10-12 eggs. Once hatched the kittens have their eyes closed for about a week but once opened they learn to fly. These cats travel in clans with their young - once the young have matured and formed their lifebond, they leave the nest and form their own clan. Some keep in touch with their families during the yearly migration to the Stream of Life in the northern part of the island.

Description: large panther-like cats in size, distinctive patterning on their dark colored skins (dark green, dark blue, dark gray, dusty rose, pale lavender, and black in a pale color (such as cream, lilac, pink, etc.). Their horns/antlers are large when adult, are cute little bumps when they are first born and grow progressively larger and longer. Their wings look delicate when folded away but carry on the patterning when fully extended (wing color is what you think best). Their paws have 7 toes, each with sharp claws. They only look fierce when fighting or protecting their young; otherwise they look intelligent and cautious (very playful as children). Their tails are long and have a serrated edge on one side which they use in defense like a whip. As teens their wings display brilliant colors to attract a mate, especially when they do their courting dance. These brilliant colors mute once they reach adulthood.

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Hi Hoshi! :D I sent you another brush! :)

This time, it's a Mini Custom brush without alts ( all I could afford xD). It's a weird funny idea so be prepared xD Hamburger eating monkeys on the loose! XD

I love your art, so that's why I sent it to you. :)

EDIT: @hoshi Just wondering, did my brush get through? XD Thanks. ^^

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your art is awesome i need to make custom write on PA ok?

Yep :) First you have to get a paintbrush and then you go to http://www.petadoptables.com/custompet.php?do=custom then you choose the brus. Once, you do that, you need to enter a name for the pet, description of pet, site description of pet, and who the artist is going to be on (only artists who are open, will be shown).

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