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Kelly's Art Thread

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Hello! I'm Kelly! I'm a 21 year old college student who is currently studying graphic design and media.  I'm most comfortable with drawing animals, particularly felines and canines, but I am flexible with a variety of different styles, from chibi to realistic. I've been doing art for Pet Adoptables since March of 2011, and I love getting more involved with the community here by doing custom adoptables. Thank you!


Because I am a full time student, custom requests can take a while to get done and I may not be available on a consistent basis.  However I should not take no longer than a month for each custom (even less for Mini Customs) and I will always keep you updated with sketches, outlines, and colors throughout the entire drawing process.

At the moment, there is no definite number on how many slots I have, it will ultimately depend on the demand of customs at the time and how much I can work on at once.  



CUSTOMS ARE CLOSED.  Slots full! Just shoot me a PM with the details!
Unfortunately I am too busy with school, my job, and other commissions to do customs on PA, but I'm hoping to find time to get back into it within the next few weeks.


1.  Tomomi (MCA)
2. Alcarie (MC)

3. Wolfsdrache (MC)



full customs

with alts: $55.00

without alts: $40.00

double pet custom: $40.00


mini customs

with alts: $25.00

without alts: $20.00


Payment accepted only through my PayPal! Thank you!


100x100 pixels



150x150 pixels




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I just bought another paintbrush (I couldn't wait to order again). There's no rush on this. I've tried to give as much description as I could but if you think something needs tweaking, feel free to do so. This is for the Desert Phoenix. I don't know if they breathe fire or their feathers are fire (maybe both)? I do know that their feet are black and resemble a tree branch. (I wanted to get an order for a phoenix before getting carried away with anything else).

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Here's the info on the unicorn - I'm not sure if Emma sent it to you or not.

It stood taller than the tallest horse, its hide white or cream in color, it's mane thicker than any horse's mane to withstand the shrill breezes of the magic isle, often silver, or blue-grey, occasionally black. It's majestic horn was a golden spiral, long enough to cause major damage when defending itself. It had split hooves like a goat and furry legs. It's tail matches it's mane, and was long and thick. It's face was the face of a horse, with kind eyes and a gentle gaze. There was a thin wisp of a beard like a goat but not as long or pronounced, matching its hide color. There was rumors of a rare foal with wings but those are just rumors, aren't they.

The Avalon Unicorn was found on the sacred island of Avalon, shrouded in the mists of time. They are known to show up when they are needed to those Merlin himself deems worthy enough of the creature. In times of trouble they can heal the sick, purify the water, or resurrect fossils. Those with the gift of vision have seen these mares in a number of colors: white, cream, grey, black, blue-grey, each has similar abilities and the gift of vanishing into thin air when spotted by someone who it doesn't want to see it.

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I bought another paintbrush (with alts). Add me in after Honesta, please.

Here's a copy of the info (feel free to suggest something re color schemes or placements). Although these will be more of an aggressive style than cute, the puppies will still be cute. The adults don't have to be the kind of thing to frighten children, just to make people a little "wary" around them, so lashes and sharp claws work for me. ;)

Azaal's Hellhounds (made the name up)

When first hatched they look like cute little puppies, with curly eyelashes and long tails. With 2nd stage comes the 2nd head and 2nd tail; the eyes begin to glow ominously; their fangs start to show. 3rd stage brings the 3rd head, the ability to breathe fire and their paws become metallic (steel/platinum, or maybe even gold in the alt). They still have 2 tails but their bodies are thicker and they look more dangerous. 4th stage - 4th head grows in, bat wings. Alts - deathhound (black with glowing green eyes, breathes greenish fire); ghosthound (white with blue glowing eyes; breathes blue fire); dark brown with glowing red eyes, breathes red fire); dark green with orange eyes, breathes orange fire). Their build is like a great dane for height and bull mastiff for thick chest and paws. I'd like them more playful than fierce but having a look that warns people away. Maybe one could have a bone-necklace (the typical (----3) shape on a chain?

Site info - From out of the depths of the earth comes a terrifying wailing sound. The smell of brimstone is sharp making your eyes sting. You make out these lumps of rock that seem to burn with an inner heat - these are Azaal's mythical Hellhounds. Will you chance taking home one to raise as a pet? They make excellent guard dogs. Their mother must have been hurt to have abandoned them, you realize, as you quickly load the eggs into your backpack. A few trips later they are all on your hearth by the fire where they make a cooing noise like a pigeon. Soon they will hatch!

No rush! I know you have other things to do. (basics - breathes fire, 2 tails, multiple heads like cerberus, bat wing adults, metallic looking claws with however many toes you decide to give them - 6 works for me ;), sparks around their paws).

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brief addition to the hellhounds - floppy ears in 1st stage puppy but adult would have sharp pointed ears like a doberman (I know that's done with surgery in real life). The tail would be a typical puppy tale that they chase in stage 1 but become long and sharp like whips in the final stages and used in defence. Maybe they'd have a barb on them, we'll see.

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Hey everyone :D Thank you again for waiting so patiently!

What I was thinking for when I reopen custom adoptables is maybe opening only about 3 available slots at a time? So then I could still work on regular Petadoptables pets as well as customs! Would that be alright? Plus, I could get through 3 slots at a time faster than 5. Although with 5 slots, more people could order, but there would be a longer wait for everyone's art. What do you guys think?


I have done the Ice Lions of Xanadu, Avalon Unicorns, Pegasus of Olympus, Archaeopteryx, Honou no Nyakuma, Monarch Antelopes, Desert Pheonix, and Tigerflies so far! :)


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