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Kelly's Art Thread

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I've got a brush and an idea and I'm waiting for you to open again. I'm afraid I'll miss it with our hours being different, me working and you in school still. I know you can do justice to these guys, so please let me know via pm when you'll be accepting again. Thanks. (ps this isn't rushing,)

here's the info:

Draco Elementus

Found all along the rifts between the plains of time and space are a subspecies of mini-dragons that contain the essence of the elements

themselves. The hardy, experienced adventurer knows where they lay their eggs and can usually manage to capture 1 or 2 from the 10-egg nests. Usually one parent will guard the nest but since they are easily distracted, this isn't a problem. They also breed as fast as rabbits and are uncatchable when hatched because of their rapid responses.

Description and alts: Full grown these only measure from fingertip to elbow yet they are powerful and strong. They have a large wingspan and can lift up full grown sheep or goats (to feed their young).

- The red ones contain the elemental of fire and in battle-mode they become missiles of fire.

- The blue ones contain a water elemental and are extremely hard to hit since it's like shooting at water.

- The air elemental ones are like opals, becoming air to dodge attacks.

- The golden ones contain the very aura of a sun, blazing brightly to blind opponents.

- The black ones epitomize darkness of night, projecting a large area of darkness so black it renders the enemy helpless.

- The green ones contain the element of nature and growth; their mere touch turns a dried out patch of vegetation into something in full bloom within seconds; they have the gift of camoflage to hide from enemies.

Appearance - they look like miniature dragons with a distinct lizard/reptilian skin and features. Their wings are strong and bat-like.

Their eyes are colorful, each species having a different shade. They have a long tail and four legs with claws. There is a ridge down their backs. They have a split tongue tip like a snake. Their skin looks rough but actually feels smooth. When they shift into their elemental form, it transposes into the element they represent. What often fools people as to their dangerous side is the fact that they look almost cute with a mischievious expression on their faces. They grow quickly and are bonded to the person closest to them when they hatch. Their skin colors are bright and look almost shiny.

stage 1: cute, playful, love to play with a ball

stage 2: getting larger, becoming more graceful (still have cute faces and large eyes); still playful but a little mischievious with family pets.

stage 3: becoming more mature and determined in their ways; very protective of their owner.

stage 4: adult, full-grown, able to shift into their elementals (glowing) - still have a hint of cute but have sharp fangs and claws.

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Hellloo everyone! Thank you so much for being so patient! :)

I am reopening, but I'd just like to go over how everything is going to work. I want to try and appeal to everyone as best as I can!

Everything however, will be first come, first serve. I don't mean to sound strict (if i do), and I know everyone has been waiting a long time, but I think this is the most efficient way to get everything done.

Here are the current slots!

1. Wolfsdrache

2. Lucky33123

3. Emma

To get one, post here and I'll add you, but you must submit your custom brush once you get on the slot! If you don't submit it within 24 hours, there's the possibility of losing your spot in the slot


I'm sorry x( I just really would like to keep everything organized so nothing gets too crazy!

And thank you so much again everyone, I apologize so much for any issues!

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