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Kelly's Art Thread

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Awe I'm sorry for the late response Lucky :( And thank you! I wish you good luck on your tests as well!

Been super duper busy lately.. doing some crazy studying and practice tests and everything! Teachers are packing in so much extra homework for the next two weeks Dx

I'm taking US History, Calculus AB (going to fail >.<), English Language, and Studio Art! I also need to sign up for the SAT and ACT tests soon :( I keep forgetting to ! lol

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It's ok Kellay :D I wanted to let you know I care about you. I'm in the same boat load as you because of all the studying and stuff and then catching up on non-AP courses is painful as well. I can't wait for the next two weeks to be over with, because then everything will be good. Luckily I already took the SAT but I'm taking the ACT soon :)

I think you will do just fine in your Calc class :D I don't like math, but once you get a concept you will understand it completely.

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Thanks Lucky :)

And it is especially difficult to keep up with my regular classes as well as my AP ones too. :( School is so stressful!

I really hope I do well in Calc :( I actually really like math when I understand it, but other than that itjust gives me a huge huge headache xD

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I know -- I wish teachers would give less homework -- especially when they know AP exams are coming up and that AP students are going to be very stressed.

I'm sure you are going to do awesome in Calc! I'm taking Calc next year since I'm doing Honors Pre-Calc this year :)

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@kellaymarie: When are you gonna open again? (Like, on average when do you think you will?) Cause I wanna make sure I cam=n log on and get a spot. XD

Kellay might not open for awhile because AP Testing all this week :) She might open within a week or two since I believe she has finished all the current customs she has currently except Fernis's.

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@KingAce - Awesome ! :3

@ - The Custom Brushes cost 30-95 ZP depending on the type of brush you would like. The ZP shop is here. For the ones you posted, those custom pets were created by different users on the site, and therefore belong to them. x) So you'd have to check the bazaar or ask the owners if you would like to purchase or trade for one. You can see who owns which pet here. For more information on Custom pets and how everything works you can go here or here!

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      My ign is CaitlynKetchum! ^^
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      So, some old lady had a stray cat that had kittens and the mama got killed by a dog. The kittens are around three and a half weeks old I think; slightly older than Milly's. 
      She was asking around if anyone had a mama cat that would take them. We tried Milly and Pikachu. Milly kept hissing at them and swatting, but Pikachu took them right straight. I am so proud of her. She let them all nurse and was even licking them.
      They're old enough to eat, but still need to nurse some. There is a really small, weak one that had a tick on it's eye. This one isn't eating food that well.The small one doesn't even look like it can see at all though.
      They all came with their eyes matted shut and infected, but we cleaned them up and doctored their eyes.
      This woman gave us the money for kitten food if we needed it and asked us if we could help them. She said she'd pay for anything they need and that she wants them back once they're eating well and are healthier. The smallest, weakest kitten that seems to be blind is still nursing. 
      So, praise Pikachu. <3 She saved this small kitten.
      (Well, it's not that small next to her others.  We're not going to keep it in there without supervision though simply because it's so much older than Pika's.)
      I'll post more pics later. 

      You guys, I'm running out of cages to keep kittens in. ._. 
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