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Kelly's Art Thread

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Awe I'm sorry for the late response Lucky :( And thank you! I wish you good luck on your tests as well!

Been super duper busy lately.. doing some crazy studying and practice tests and everything! Teachers are packing in so much extra homework for the next two weeks Dx

I'm taking US History, Calculus AB (going to fail >.<), English Language, and Studio Art! I also need to sign up for the SAT and ACT tests soon :( I keep forgetting to ! lol

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It's ok Kellay :D I wanted to let you know I care about you. I'm in the same boat load as you because of all the studying and stuff and then catching up on non-AP courses is painful as well. I can't wait for the next two weeks to be over with, because then everything will be good. Luckily I already took the SAT but I'm taking the ACT soon :)

I think you will do just fine in your Calc class :D I don't like math, but once you get a concept you will understand it completely.

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Thanks Lucky :)

And it is especially difficult to keep up with my regular classes as well as my AP ones too. :( School is so stressful!

I really hope I do well in Calc :( I actually really like math when I understand it, but other than that itjust gives me a huge huge headache xD

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I know -- I wish teachers would give less homework -- especially when they know AP exams are coming up and that AP students are going to be very stressed.

I'm sure you are going to do awesome in Calc! I'm taking Calc next year since I'm doing Honors Pre-Calc this year :)

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@kellaymarie: When are you gonna open again? (Like, on average when do you think you will?) Cause I wanna make sure I cam=n log on and get a spot. XD

Kellay might not open for awhile because AP Testing all this week :) She might open within a week or two since I believe she has finished all the current customs she has currently except Fernis's.

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@KingAce - Awesome ! :3

@ - The Custom Brushes cost 30-95 ZP depending on the type of brush you would like. The ZP shop is here. For the ones you posted, those custom pets were created by different users on the site, and therefore belong to them. x) So you'd have to check the bazaar or ask the owners if you would like to purchase or trade for one. You can see who owns which pet here. For more information on Custom pets and how everything works you can go here or here!

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    • Rose305

      Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well! Its been awhile. Due to my extreme lack of activity here I thought it would be nice to ask if any of the wonderful owners of the Customs and CYOs I have would like to have them back (so as to not go to waste). Just send me a message (I know who these Customs belong to, don't try to be sneaky >_>) and I'll get that trade going. Sorry I haven't been active, life just got busy for me. Finally started nursing school and all the jazz.  I still role play but occasionally now due ti time constraints. I am on discord though if ya ever wanna talk (I check that as much as my text messages). Gotta go now but I'll be back to check up on this. Happy holidays everyone! ^w^
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    • Kaylercool

      Whenever I'm busy or need sleep is when writing inspiration strikes me.
      Today, for once, I was free.
      So, my brain just decided to...die. Heck, I couldn't even write a sentence when I tried. 
      Now that it's late and I have things to do tomorrow, my brain is all like, "Lets get creative!" 

      Anyway, in my free time I've been working on a novel that I'm actually happy with so far. I started over so many times, but gosh for once I feel satisfied with the direction of it. It's a mystery novel that takes place in a purgatory-like world. 
      I'm also slowly working on a little, short Danganronpa fanfic that I'm just having fun with... and giving myself the feels with. Heck.
      And that's a short uninteresting summary of what I've been up to.
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      Feel like designing again!
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    • Xene

      Posted a bunch of pets on the bazaar last night and woke up to 12k BP. Is this what it's like to be in the 1%?
      I've never had his much before lol
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      Bruh....I just want to rp.  ;-;
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