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~*~ tomo's Custom & CYO shop ~*~ New Custom!

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Hello people~
Welcome to my Shop!

Here you can buy my CYOs and Customs too~ ^^
Some may be out of stock, but keep an eye out, they may be available sooner or later again. ;)

I can hold pets for you, but of course it's best to have the ZC/ZP ready. :P

I do prefer to trade Mini for other Mini Customs, as that is more fair to me.
The brushes for Full Customs are double the prize (and more) of those for Minis, so a 1:2 trade is what I'll do mostly.
Exceptions can be made, if I totally like the Mini or anything else special. ^^


Some Rules:

1. Don't sell or trade my Customs and CYOs away. If you do you won't be able to get any more.

2. Alt Swapping is NOT allowed.

3. Gender Swapping is okay.


Here we go:

FCA Customs


Honou no Nyakuma by kellaymarie
3000zc or 8zp
Tenjou no Nyakuma by kellaymarie
3000zc or 8zp
Tuli Apina by rhiecakes


Tuli Apina can be found near vulcanos all over Iceland. They love to be near fire and heat. When their body temperature gets too low or the fire on their backs is extinguished they die. These Apina are usually very social animals that live in groups up to 20 monkeys, though they do split up into smaller groups during summer when it gets very warm. During warmer times they also leave farther away from the volcanos. But as soon as it gets colder again they regroup and live together again. At every winter beginning the leaders of the groups fight for the warmest spots, so they make sure their familiy members survive the cold and wet season.

Tuli Apina are great pets. They are very playful and their fire won't harm you if they like you. It keeps their owners warm and protects them from harm. But if you try to come near them with water they will get very aggressive and furious, so look out.

3000zc or 8zp

Shared with Revolno


Inugami by Willow
4000zc or 12zp
Alt 3 and 6 are rare and 4500zc



White ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Calico


 Red ~*///*~ Creme ~*///*~ Spotted
Nepo Pawz by rhiecakes


Nepo Pawz are immortal, cat-like creatures that live in forests that are around mountains. The little pair of wings are more a decoration then used to fly, because they are to small to carry the animal. They can grow wings on their forelegs. When it doesn't need them they shrink and only some feathers appear there. Nepos are very social and live in groups of up to 20 animals. They stay with their mates for life.

When other animals threaten them they use their horns to attack, they can grow in size and cut deep. But they have a more important role then as weapons. The 2 horns contain the Nepos life energy. Humans hunt them because of that, because the magical powers can heal illnesses and wounds, and prolong the life of a human. When a Nepo uses both horns it dies, when losing only one horn, they keep their immortal life, but lose much power nonetheless, like the ability to fly.

3000zc or 8zp
Shared with HpForever


Shizen no Nyakuma by kellaymarie
3000zc or 8zp


Ryuusagi by zfruits
3500zc or 12zp
Alt 6 is rare and 4000zc

Black ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ White ~*///*~ Gray


Purple ~*///*~ Pink


Hoshi no Kitsune by Coconutmilkyway
3500zc or 12zp
Alt 4 and 5 are rare and 4000zc


Fox ~*///*~ Purple ~*///*~ Blue


White ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Red
Kudagitsune by Willow
3500zc or 12zp

Red ~*///*~ Purple ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ Yellow ~*///*~ Fox

Kurayami no Nyakuma by kellaymarie
3000zc or 8zp


Kouji by kellaymarie
Alt 1 will never be for sale, so please don't ask ;3
Alt 5 (spotted) is the rare Alt, so it's 4000zc
All others are 3500zc
Kouji ~*///*~ Tuxedo ~*///*~ Gray Tabby ~*///*~ Red Tabby ~*///*~ Ocelot ~*///*~ Snowshoe
Arashi no Nyakuma by kellaymarie
3000zc or 8zp
Taivas Apina by Coconutmilkyway
3000zc or 8zp
Mizutama no Nyakuma by kellaymarie
3000zc or 8zp


Nekogami by kellaymarie


Nekogami are a type of Shikigami only found in Japan. They are kind of the counterpart of the Inugami. They are spirits of deceased cats, which didn't want to die and stayed in this world, developing magical skills. These spirits usually aren't bound to a master as they don't like being ordered around. But if someone challenges it to a fight and does win they are very loyal and protective, though still like to do what they want.

Nekogami like to possess people and play pranks on others or start fights and watch the stupid humans later keeping whining about it. They are not really evil, but cheeky and mischievous.

But there are 2 special forms of the Nekogami. The black one is indeed evil. It was treated badly when it was still alive and is now haunting humans and seeking revenge. It doesn't play pranks, it goes and starts fires or other serious trouble. If something inexplainable and bad happens it was most probably the doing of this spirit. The more it suffered during its life time the more power it has. This one would never serve a human ever.

Then there is the tri-colored Calico Nekogami. Just like the tri-colored Inugami it is very good natured and brings luck and good fortune to good humans. But just like the black Nekogami this one won't ever follow one master as it wants to bring happiness to more then just one human.

These are very special, so they will be a bit more then the others.

5000zc for Alt1-3

5500zc for Alt4-6



Spotted ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ White ~*///*~ Bengal ~*///*~ Nekomata ~*///*~ Calico


Seraphinyan by kellaymarie


Seraphinyan are another one of the mysterious and beautiful animals living up on Sorajima, the island floating in the sky. They are named after the Seraphim angels, which have 6 flaming wings, just like these kitties. Though the cats only sprout 6 wings when reaching adulthood.

Baby Seraphinyan don't have wings yet. When they get a bit older they get their first pair of wings, when reaching their teens they get another pair. When they finally are adults they gain their 3rd pair of wings and they also get their flames.

The flames as well as the coat colors can vary greatly. There are pure white ones, tabbies, Calicos and whatever other fur colors you can think of, just like their flames. They can be any color. Their is only one exception. There are no all-black Seraphinyan. Well, there are, but if you ever see an all-black Seraphinyan you should keep your distance. These are the "fallen" ones.

Seraphinyan are not just very beautiful cats, they have great magic powers and a big duty comes with those. They have to guide the souls of all dead animals - not only of Sorajima inhabitants - into heaven or also to hell, wherever the soul has to go, the Seraphinyan stays by its side until it gets there. They look after them and help them to find the right path. Seraphinyan who torture souls or break rules will be banished and turn all black. But this happens really very rarely. Almost no one ever saw an all-black Seraphinyn, that's why most people and animals believe that it doesn't even exist. But they do. They are really evil and dangerous, so it's best to run away quickly when seeing one.

If you ever see one of those fascinating cats, you are a real lucky duck, as they are very shy and hide from humans. Don't ever take away there chestjewels as those hold all their power and also their heart. If it's seperated from them they die immediately.

If you are nice to them - if you get near them - they may also help your soul find its way to heaven.

4000zc for Alt 1-3; 4500zc for Alt4-6




Angel ~*///*~ Red Tabby ~*///*~ Gray ~*///*~ Leopard ~*///*~ Calico ~*///*~ Fallen


Sennyou Flutter by kellaymarie


This beautiful animal is another one of the mysterious and beautiful animals living up on Sorajima, the island floating in the sky.

These Gazelles are very shy and hide when they hear the tiniest bit of sound. They are very careful and don't even let members oft he same species get near their herd, which consists of 50 Flutters at most.

They are a little bit smaller then the Gazelles we know here, have one additional horn, a long fluffy tail and of course their beautiful fairy-like wings. They come in various colors, natural and also very colorful ones. Flutters are Herbivores and mostly eat grass and berries.

Even though they prefer to run away when they sense danger they can get pretty dangerous and wound you badly with those 3 pointed horns if you threaten one of their herd, especially the young ones. Gazelles with a broken horn are the lowest ranking animals in the herd and sometimes even get kicked out of the group.

Their wings look more fragile then they really are. They can withstand the heaviest windstorms and take them far distances. If their wings do get heavily injured and can't be used anymore they get left behind by their herd. Most of these animals get very lonely and just die after some time.

3500zc for Alts 1-5

3800zc for Alt 6, the rare Alt


Shared with Lilytora



1_alt1.png 1_alt2.png 1_alt3.png 

Thomson ~*///*~ Dama ~*///*~ Gray Dapple 

1_alt4.png1_alt5.png 1_alt6.png

Nyala ~*///*~ Sable ~*///*~ Fawn


Vesi Apina by Miosita


The Vesi Apina, the monkeys of the water, always live near water, be it a river, the ocean or a lake. Like most other monkeys they spent a lot of time in trees, but these ones can also swim and dive and love to do both. Vesi groups consist of up to 15 animals, not counting the babies.

These monkeys eat leaves and berries, but they do also catch fish or crabs and also eat algae and other water plants. They do have gills, so they can stay under water very long. Vesi are able to dive very deep and can swim considerably fast.

3000zc or 8zp




Enshoku no Kiba by kellaymarie


There are many winged animals living on Sorajima, the island floating in the sky, and the Enshoku no Kiba - meaning Firefang - is one of those beautiful and mysterious animals.

The flames on their paws and on their back don't burn anything, only if they wish them to like when they are hunting or defending themselves and their family. The fire on their back is usually small, but it can grow and change into wings. Though they usually stay on ground and only fly when really necessary, like when they are hunting or fleeing from enemies.

There are different kinds of Firefangs, like Tigers, Cheetahs and Leopards, but they aren't strictly seperated. A family can also consist of a mix of those breeds, though they won't interbreed. That happens really very rarely. Because of that Firefang families are very large.

 If there is a Lion in the family it will always be the leader though, as it is seen as the strongest of them all. It is also the only Firefang with 2 different flame colors.

They hunt pretty much anything that lives on Sorajima, except the few even bigger predators. Though they sometimes also try to get down one of them, especially if they have already been hungering for a long time.

Firefangs don't like rain and hide under trees or in their dens when it starts raining. A little of rain can't really hurt them, but if they are exposed to it for a long time, without any protection, their flames will go out and if that happens they will die immediately.

Thank god these beautiful animals live on Sorajima where no human will ever lay foot on or else they would be hunted down and that would be a real shame.

4000zc for Alts 1-5, 4500zc for Alt6

15zp each




Leopard ~*///*~ Tiger ~*///*~ Snow Leopard ~*///*~ Cheetah


 Black Jaguar ~*///*~ Lion


Ikki Tanuki by kellaymarie

Alt1 not for sale; 4000zc for Alt2-6

15zp each




Ikki/Brown ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Gray ~*///*~ Cream


Blue ~*///*~ Black


Fossalin by kellaymarie

4000zc or 12zp

Also for sale at Wolfdrache's shop!




Black ~*///*~ Purple ~*///*~ White ~*///*~ Pink


Gray ~*///*~ Green

MCA Customs


Yamata no Orochi by Kendle
2000zc or 5zp
Alt5 and 6 are rare so they will be 2500zc

Green ~*///*~ Blue ~*///*~ Gray


  Gold ~*///*~ White ~*///*~ Black

The Lonely Kamaitachi by Coconutmilkyway


The Kamaitachi, a magical elite force in the world of weasels, are a group of 3 weasels. They are chosen by their magical powers and other special abilities. All must be good at using magic spells - one must be good at close combat, one must be a weapon master and the third has to be versed in using healing magic. They ride the wind to punish the bad animals and people on this earth.

Once there was a weasel which wanted to be part of that group badly. It had only little magic power, but it worked hard and trained every day. It mastered Taijutsu perfectly and also taught itself the art of swordsmanship and was a master in using a lot of other weapons, such as the sickle. The only thing it couldn't learn was the healing spells, because they need much magic power. And even though it was good at 2 of those things, it wasn't chosen when new members were being sought. Just because it didn't have a lot of magic power. It was really angry and left the weasel's village to go on a journey and learn more about the world.

Quite some time after that the weasels heard about a mysterious avenger. Fast as the wind, absolutely deadly, but just as kind and gentle. It looks like a weasel, but it has 4 big wings that help it move quickly from place to place, where it is needed.

You guessed right, this is the weasel from long ago, who left the other weasels to fullfill its dream. It improved its skills even farther, and instead of using magic for healing purposes it learned to use natural medicine perfectly. Noone knows where it got the wings from though.

If the other weasels don't want to use its powers for the good, it decided to just do it on its own. As the Lonely Kamaitachi.

2000zc or 5zp

Alt6 is rare and 2300zc


Brown ~*///*~ Coffee ~*///*~ Albino ~*///*~ Black


  Red ~*///*~ Calico


Yousei no Soragin by kellaymarie


Sorajima, home of many winged animals, lies high above Japan. No human knows about it and will never know, as it is protected by a magical spell. Some animals from up here also live on the land far beneath, like the mysterious Nyakuma species. But there are some which prefer to stay completely hidden and unknown.

Deep in the forests and on the wide meadows of Sorajima live the fairies under the Soragin, called Yougin for short. They are very timid creatures and hide from any animal that comes near them, except their bigger relatives, though these can get dangerous as well if they are short on food.

Usually they are the size of a mouse, but some also get a bit bigger. Yougin also live in colonies, but they are smaller then the ones of their big relatives the Kousougin. They build their nests in bigger bushes or knotholes, always making sure they can't be seen by predators.

The Yougin's diet consists of fruits and nectar they gather from the many flowers all around Sorajima. They also like to go for a swim and hunt for small fish.

Maybe, sometime in the future, the Soragin will decide to leave its save home and come down to earth, so the humans can admire their beauty.

2000zc or 5zp

Alt 6 is rare and 2500zc


Blue ~*///*~ Yellow ~*///*~ Pink ~*///*~ Green ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Black


  Red ~*///*~ Black


Kousou na Soragin by Not Zilon


Sorajima, home of many winged animals, lies high above Japan. No human knows about it and will never know, as it is protected by a magical spell. Some animals from up here also live on the land far beneath, like the mysterious Nyakuma species. But there are some which prefer to stay completely hidden and unknown.

One of these species are the penguins. Yes, penguins, but not your normal penguin. Everyone knows that they can't fly even though they are birds, but these are just like normal birds. They have big wings which let them soar through the skies.

These fellows are called Kousougin for short. They live in colonies just like normal penguins, consisting of about 100 of its kind, but their nests lie high in the big trees which grow all over Sorajima. Kousougin stay with their mates for life, just as they never leave the colony they join.

Their diet consists of the fish they catch in the magical rivers and seas that lie all over Sorajima, and they also like to eat berries. Sometimes they even catch birds or other small animals, if they are really hungry and can't find anything else.

Them having wings and no flippers like their relatives - down on earth - doesn't mean that they keep away from water. It's quite the opposite. They do fish, they love to swim and also dive, though they can't be under water for long or go as deep as our penguins. They do love water.

Maybe, sometime in the future, the Soragin will decide to leave its save home and come down to earth, so the humans can admire their beauty.

2000zc or 5zp


Blue ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Green ~*///*~ Orange 


Yellow ~*///*~ Purple


Cuddly Corgi by kellaymarie

1500zc or 5zp

Shared with Webby




Dark Yellow ~*///*~ Tri-Color ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ Merle 


Black ~*///*~ Creme


Tsubasa by kellaymarie


Tsubasa is a Parson Russel Terrier, but not just your normal Terrier, he has wings on his back and he can also talk. Usually he is friendly, but if you annoy him or are mean to his friends he will get mean as well. This small dog doesn't look like it, but it can fight pretty well and also has some magic power. The 3 gems on his wings are the source of his magic. If you take them away he will lose all of it and he will also lose his ability to fly or talk.

Tsubasa always senses when his friends are feeling bad and tries to cheer them up or just stays by their side. His favorite thing in the world are flowers. They always make him happy, as they remind him of his home. He never said where he came from, but it is believed that he comes from Sorajima, a mysterious island floating somewhere in the sky, where all animals have wings of some sort.

2000zc or 5zp

Alt 1 not available

For now no more Alt4 will be sold.


Tsubasa/Anemone ~*///*~ Marigold ~*///*~ Daisy ~*///*~ Forget-me-not 


Periwinkle ~*///*~ Hibiscus

(A set on hold for Wolfi)


Flittering Guardian by Miosita

2000zc or 5zp


Black and White/Angel ~*///*~ Blue Merle/Butterfly ~*///*~ Sable/Fairy


Red and White/Bat ~*///*~ Lilac and White/Elf ~*///*~ Tricolor/Insect


Hanyako by kellaymarie

2000zc or 5zp


Gray Tabby/Forget-me-not ~*///*~ Black/Cosmos ~*///*~ Red Tabby/Pansy


Siamese/Daisy ~*///*~ Brown Tabby/Cherryblossom ~*///*~ Calico/Primula

CYO Customs


Mame Boco by Calum
Ongaku no Wanchan by Webby

Tri-Color ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ Beagle ~*///*~ White ~*///*~ Merle

Calico Mew by KingAce
Mew Ninja by tomomi
Alt 6 is 800zc

Ashfall ~*///*~ Flowerstorm ~*///*~ Tomonyan ~*///*~ Shadowpatch ~*///*~ Sunshine ~*///*~ Colorsplash
Nyan Nyan Pirate by xxJadeoxx
Alt 5 is 700zc

Captain ~*///*~ Ru ~*///*~ Cha ~*///*~ Hei ~*///*~ Lu ~*///*~ Mi

Coffee Shima by yammy115
Siam Hane by tomomi
Alt 6 is 500zc


Siam ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Gray ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ Calico
Tsuno Horsey by xxJadeoxx
Neko Samurai by tomomi
700zc or 5zp
Alt 6 is 800zc


Gray ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Brown Tabby~*///*~ Creme ~*///*~ Calico
Snowshoe Hane by tomomi
400zc SOLD OUT

Black ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ Blue ~*///*~ Sand ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Reverse
The Mystical Timekeeper by tomomi
As they are very special they're more expensive. >.<
1000zc or 5zp
Only Alt1-5 are available

Brown ~*///*~ White ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Gray ~*///*~ Creme ~*///*~ Timekeeper


Sakura Keeper by tomomi

700zc for Alt1-5

850zc for Alt6

Sold Out!


Brown ~*///*~ Gray ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Yellow ~*///*~ Purple ~*///*~ Calico


Warrior Wings by tomomi




Black ~*///*~ Sand ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ Tri-Color ~*///*~ Blue


Tompo by Webby



Tompo ~*///*~ Coffee ~*///*~ Night ~*///*~ Snowshoe ~*///*~ Red Beauty ~*///*~ Snow


Nekoguma by tomomi

500zc for Alt 1-4

600zc for Alt 5-6



Red ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Chocolate 


Siamese ~*///*~ Spotted ~*///*~ Calico


Hoshiguma by tomomi

500zc for Alt 1-5

600zc for Alt6


Purple Dream ~*///*~ Blue Tiger ~*///*~ Sunset


Green Tiger ~*///*~ Red Panda ~*///*~ Cherry Blossom (or RinRin)


Heart To Heart by tomomi




Wingfluff by tomomi



Green ~*///*~ Purple ~*///*~ Yellow


Blue ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ White


Skychaser by tomomi

Alt 1-4 are 700zc

Alt 5-6 are 850zc



Orange ~*///*~ Blue ~*///*~ Green


Red ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Purple


Fluffdevil by tomomi





Black ~*///*~ Yellow ~*///*~ Green


Blue ~*///*~Red ~*///*~ Brown


Beepony by tomomi



Honey ~*///*~ Purple ~*///*~ Orange


Blue ~*///*~ Green ~*///*~ Black


Summer Splash by tomomi





Brown ~*///*~ Light ~*///*~ Black


Red ~*///*~ Spotted ~*///*~ Striped


Beach Groove by tomomi





Sand ~*///*~ BW ~*///*~ Orange


Blotch ~*///*~ Tri ~*///*~ Spotted


Aqua Magica by tomomi

300zc for Alt1-4, 400zc for Alt5-6


Brown ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Gray


Siamese ~*///*~ Striped ~*///*~ Calico


Nekolita by tomomi


Only Female!


Sweet Lolita ~*///*~ Punk Lolita ~*///*~ Sailor Lolita


Qui Lolita ~*///*~ Country Lolita ~*///*~ Wa Lolita


Magical Meow by tomomi



Plain ~*///*~ Brown Tabby ~*///*~ Snow Leopard


Red Spots ~*///*~ Black and White ~*///*~ Calico


Nyanko Hex by tomomi (Shading by match!)


Alts1-4 are only Female, Alts5-6 only Male


Rainbow ~*///*~ Black and White ~*///*~ Green


Halloween ~*///*~ Red Leopard ~*///*~ Calico


Brave of the Fluff by tomomi (Shading by match!)



Knight ~*///*~ Viking ~*///*~ Native


Samurai ~*///*~ Ninja ~*///*~ Mage


Roman Brave by tomomi (Shading by match!)




Flutterbun by tomomi

600zc for Alt1-4+7, 700zc for Alt5-6





 Sand ~*///*~ Gray ~*///*~ Himalayan


 TriColor ~*///*~ Spotted ~*///*~ Black and White


Felis Cervus by tomomi





Tiger ~*///*~ Leopard ~*///*~ Snow Leopard

reindeerbigcat5.pngreindeerbigcat6.png reindeerbigcat7.png

Black Jaguar ~*///*~ Cheetah ~*///*~ White Tiger


Colorful Dreamer by tomomi



Blue ~*///*~ Red ~*///*~ Yellow


Black ~*///*~ Green ~*///*~ Colorful


Halloween Canter by tomomi




Witch ~*///*~ Blue ~*///*~ Pumpkin


Vampire ~*///*~ Zombie ~*///*~ Ghost


Roaring Flight by tomomi

My Special Babies! <3


Alt6 is 1300zc (it's so simple, but it's still my fave Alt of all of them)


Original ~*///*~ Black ~*///*~ Lion


Gray ~*///*~ Brown ~*///*~ Special


Prism Wings by tomomi

My Special Babies! <3

1000zc; Alt6 is 1300zc


Blackfoot ~*///*~ Green ~*///*~ Red


Blue ~*///*~ Purple ~*///*~ Bluey Greeny


Merpuppy and Merneko by tomomi





Merkitten by tomomi



Red ~*///*~ Blue ~*///*~ Green


Purple ~*///*~ Yellow ~*///*~ Black


Merbear by tomomi



Brown/Blue ~*///*~ Black/Purple ~*///*~ Sun/Red


Spectacled/Green ~*///*~ Panda/Yellow ~*///*~ Red Panda


Towering King by tomomi



Tiger ~*///*~ Cheetah ~*///*~ Snow Leopard


Serval ~*///*~ Ocelot ~*///*~ Marbled Cat


Bloodstone Dragacorn by matchiitehew


Egg Drop CYO, Alts can't be chosen.


Red ~*///*~ Blue ~*///*~ Yellow


Green ~*///*~ Orange ~*///*~ Purple


Soaring Guardian by tomomi



Blue Ara ~*///*~ Scarlet Macaw ~*///*~ Blue Jay


Magnificent Quetzal ~*///*~ Eastern Rosella ~*///*~ Gouldian Finch

Collab CYOs


Stuffed Pup / Lineart by tomomi / Colors by Ikiru and tomomi

Egg Drop CYO, Alts can't be chosen



Stuffed-point-ear-doby.png Stuffed-point-ear-husky.pngStuffed-point-ear-australianshepherd.png


Merlion / Lineart by tomomi / Colors by Ikiru and tomomi

Egg Drop CYO, Alts can't be chosen





Jinja Beru / Lineart by tomomi / Colors by Ikiru and tomomi

Egg Drop CYO, Alts can't be chosen





Coming Soon!


? Munchkin Cutie - FCA (shared with Ruisistence) ?

(If anyone knows where Rui disappeared to I'd be glad to hear, lol)

? Cutie Fawns - MCA (shared with Allie) ?

? Goatie Babies - MCA (shared with Allie) ?

? Baby Skunks - MCA (shared with Allie) ?

(Allie disappeared, so yeah)


Taira and Senri ~ DP FCA

Thank you, tomomi~ :)


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@BritttheGravityDefiant~ I'll wait to see what your Custom will look like. If I won't do a 1:1 trade there will still be some left to buy. :P

@~ Sorry, but I don't really want to trade a Full Custom for just one Mini. The difference in getting them are 65zp after all. I'd trade one for both of the ones I listed.

@aihhzahh~ Sure! I'm sending a trade. :)

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