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PERMANENT BAN: Willow, Phase the Hedgehog, FernisWolff, Melody Mist, leafeon, & BritttheGravityDefiant

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The following members have been banned for spreading rumors and lies, plotting to troll PA (and discussed ways of "taking it down"), and planning to advertise to their chatroom to get others involved:

  • Willow
  • Phase the Hedgehog
  • FernisWolff
  • Melody Mist
  • leafeon
  • BritttheGravityDefiant

An anonymous member sent us chat transcripts and screenshots of the situation.

Willow led them in plans to cause trouble and troll PA, and spread confidential artist and moderator information as well as false rumors. If a member was in on it, they would state that they were "safe". This situation was sparked by Rainyy's ban.

Unfortunately, I guess Britt didn't realize that these people hated her. o.O

Chat Identities:

WILLOW: TheFallenTree



MELODY MIST: .:Katniss:.


SARAH: Anonymous member who let us know what was going on. For some reason, they thought she was Britt, and they really showed how much they disliked her.

TheFallenTree: Well . I plan on making a blog

Tsuki: fern is on.

TheFallenTree: This way we can be anon the whole time

Tsuki: that's a good idea :3

Sarah: Tsuki, is she coming to chat?

Sarah: That sounds good.

Sarah: How will the other PA members find it, though?

Tsuki: btw, dragon and emma were on at the same time D: is she using 2 pcs? they were on at once in the sb D:<

Sarah: Anon is good. I don't want to be banned. >​.<

Tsuki: we'll tell them. pms and stuff

TheFallenTree: well , i was thinking of sending it tru pms

TheFallenTree: and say to share it

Sarah: Who can be trusted?

TheFallenTree: if we post it on the forums they will be deleated un seconds

Tsuki: fern....

TheFallenTree: hm ?

Sarah: We should make a list of people to send it to.

Tsuki: we can say we found this blog :3

Tsuki: btw, my friend is a *cough*hacker*cough* so she would help with the construction since she has her own blog and its cool (:

TheFallenTree: i see

Tsuki: should I ask her?

Sarah: What do you guys think of Webby?

TheFallenTree: Fern ?

TheFallenTree: I can add her

TheFallenTree: moment

Tsuki: ...half half. fern I think we should

Sarah: Yeah, Fern for sure.

Cheery joined the chat 93 minutes ago

Tsuki: OHMYGOSH she made my dragon server

Sarah: Hey Cheery.

TheFallenTree: Code

TheFallenTree: P:

Tsuki: cheery....you are someone in this? F?

Cheery: catch the rat

Sarah: I would say tomomi... but she's too loyal... >​.>​

.:Katniss:.: I'm still here. Just being quiet. Imma just throw it out there that when you guys aren't around I can be a spy P:

Sarah: xD

Tsuki: *goes to look*

Cheery: Oh... yeah... the ZP Wishing Well is total bull... just another way for them to get money :P

Tsuki: we have gotten to the conclusion they are broke and are money hungy.

Cheery: oh yes.. that's true, Tsuki... I'm kinda hoping Emma would sell the site... xD

TheFallenTree: I did tell the site .I dont knwo why she wants to keep tht a secret

TheFallenTree: that they are a little short on money

TheFallenTree: and btw , it is rly hard to fall short on money

TheFallenTree: do the math

Tsuki: Ha! that was so easy to figure out.

Sarah: We should post something sort of subtle... but all post in it so it looks like a majority of members agree. And that way she can't ban us.

Cheery: Ya know... If all those people would stop buying ZP, they would be forced to either shut the site down or sell it :3


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good grief...i know most of those people at least in passing, and had no idea they were so dissatisfied - if that's the right word. do we have any idea what started this in their minds? what a sad thing to happen...

i truly think most people have NO idea how much it costs to keep a VA site this complex and varied running, even with a max amount of volunteer help. i am on quite a few, and don't know of ANY who are actually turning a profit, most are barely running in the black. plus if personal expenses were their concern, i have yet to find anything here that can't be obtained for ZC (which are free for the effort), provided you want whatever-it-is enough to exercise the patience and restraint required...the many gifting and sharing projects aside.

it's a shame that more members don't think to bring their concerns openly (or at least via PMs) to management FIRST - what a lot of problems that could defuse.

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I couldn't agree more SingingBadger, and I think it was the banning of Rainy after she scammed members that set them on their path to harm PA.

It's also true that it's very hard to turn a profit on a site like this, with the constant need for art and programming, the expenses add up quickly. And when you finally do turn a profit, there are always those who hold it against you, as if you one shouldn't get paid for all the time and effort they put into the site. I highly doubt those who are complaining about the meager profits would show up for a job every day and not get paid for all their work. For some, this is their job, and there is nothing wrong with them making a little money off their labor. If PA only made enough money to make that happen, I would be very happy. But as it stands now, Emma and I are pretty much volunteers as we make very little profit, and usually when we do, we usually put it right back into the site. We literally spend over 10 hours a day on PA trying to make it a better site for the members.

I also couldn't agree with you more, it would be nice if we knew of these grievances in advance as I am sure we could work with the members in order to keep them happy. Our only goal with PA is to provide a fun site for the members, and if we are not doing that, it would be nice to know what we are doing wrong. :)

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I agree completely. When I saw the screenshots and transcripts that were given to me, I couldn't believe my eyes. :( It's sad to lose some great members because they fell under Willow's influence. If only they just sent an admin a message with their concerns, things would have turned out so differently.

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is there any way to set up something somewhere for question/problem/issue submission that is not on public view? (the locus would be, but the posts/threads would not)

opening an assortment of cans of worms in the main Forums would be more likely to encourage restlessness than relieve it, i think, but if there was some venue (other than PMs, which some perhaps find intimidatingly personal) to state grievances - perhaps even with an "anonymous" option - it might help. plus, they would be able to address the site admin as a whole rather than PMing an individual, and the odds of reaching a successful consensus might be greater.

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