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Official Pet Suggestion Thread


30 members have voted

  1. 1. Organization of the Thread

    • It's organized.
    • It could be improved. (Please reply/comment stating how.)
    • It's chaotic.
    • Thank you for taking time keep it organized. :)
  2. 2. Classification of Animals

    • It is fine as it is.
    • I have a suggestion / another way to classify them. (Please comment if so.)

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Common Housecat (Felis Domestica)

Maybe I am a weirdo, but I still find common housecats the cutest cats of them all!


Chihuahua Dog

The well known "Old-Lady's room-doggie pet".



Remember the clumsy coyote from Road Runner cartoons?


Crocodile or Aligator

Remember all the jokes about aligator pets kept at home?


Toad, or Frog

Will eventually turn into a Prince once kissed by a beautiful Princess......


Hunting Hawk

For winged-pet fans. (and also for noble hunters)


Catfish (of any type)

In order to satisfy the expectations of fishing sports too.


Common Rat

I even know 2 people whith a rat pet. (one of them is even female)


Ferret and Weasel

Both of those pets are becoming quite popular in my country nowadays.


Goldfish and Parrot

The popular "silent" and "noisy" pets. They probably already exists here, but just in case......


Chimpanzee amd Gorilla

(Tarzan and King Kong Style) In Africa some people do keep monkey pets, as far I know


Tyranosaurus Rex (T-Rex)

As a representative of the prehistoric era.


Tasmanian Devil

Remember the one from Bugs Bunny cartoons?



Yeah, disguisting, true, but just for the fun!


Vapire Bat

Also a mere "fun-pet", as a memento of Count Dracula.




It is quite possible, that some of the listed, suggested pets already exist in the game.

In that case I apologize and admit, that I had no patience to study the current, already long list of all existing pets carefully enough in this game, or the even longer list of all the suggested pets in this forum so far, so I pease forgive my own lazyness!

However, I can only congratulate the game for its wide selection of various interesting pets, and hope tit will become even much wider in the future!

I shall probably keep adding new pet-suggestions as I think of them in the future.

In the meantime I promis to study both of those long lists carefully, and delete my already existing or added suggestions.

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I shall make my suggestion about animal classification , as asked in the leading poll:

Animals could primary be classified by their rarity, then secondary by their species, classes, into groups like mammals, comon house-pets, wild animals, birds, lizards, fish, bugs, imaginary pets, etc.

So a "choose rarity", then inside its categories, a "choose species" option could do the trick.


Furthermore, I also have a simple suggestion to make searching among all existing PA pets much faster and easier:

All we need is adding a commonly used, classic, simple "search" function, with a tab where we type in the keyword(s), and after hitting "enter" results appear. (so in Google style)

In case such a function and "search" tab is already featured by this game, I apologize, I must have missed it so far, due my deteriorated weak eyesight.

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I have some cat breed suggestions accompanied by a few other suggestions. I made sure they weren't already in the system too.

Cat breeds:

Turkish Angora 

American Curl

Khao Manee (who doesn't love a cat with two differently colored eyes? :3) 

Russian Blue



Devon Rex





Ukrainian Levkoy (A Scottish Fold and Donskoy mix.)

Extinct animals: 

Aurochs (Extinct type of cattle.)

Madeiran Large White (Extinct butterfly.)

Pyranean Ibex 





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Species Suggestions:

(~~ = would love to see this; ~ = would like to see this)

~~Nudibranch (any kind - we have jellyfish on PA so why not have one of their predators)
~~Epaulette Sharks (the spotted sharks that can "walk" on land)
~Hammerhead Shark
~Little Owl
~Hummingbird Moth
~~Death's-Head Hawkmoth (awesome pattern on back)
~~Hoatzin (herbivorous bird which, as a chick, has claws on its wings, allowing it to climb)
~Golden Pheasant


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      So, some old lady had a stray cat that had kittens and the mama got killed by a dog. The kittens are around three and a half weeks old I think; slightly older than Milly's. 
      She was asking around if anyone had a mama cat that would take them. We tried Milly and Pikachu. Milly kept hissing at them and swatting, but Pikachu took them right straight. I am so proud of her. She let them all nurse and was even licking them.
      They're old enough to eat, but still need to nurse some. There is a really small, weak one that had a tick on it's eye. This one isn't eating food that well.The small one doesn't even look like it can see at all though.
      They all came with their eyes matted shut and infected, but we cleaned them up and doctored their eyes.
      This woman gave us the money for kitten food if we needed it and asked us if we could help them. She said she'd pay for anything they need and that she wants them back once they're eating well and are healthier. The smallest, weakest kitten that seems to be blind is still nursing. 
      So, praise Pikachu. <3 She saved this small kitten.
      (Well, it's not that small next to her others.  We're not going to keep it in there without supervision though simply because it's so much older than Pika's.)
      I'll post more pics later. 

      You guys, I'm running out of cages to keep kittens in. ._. 
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