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Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

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Hi there! I was wondering if these three pets are still available: 

1x Male Masque de la Mort (Alt 1) - 500Zc;



1x Male Abstruse Mongrel (Alt 1) - 200Zc; and



1x Male Cabal - 500Zc.

I have Zc available for all three, which should be 1,200Zc.

Thank you!

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@Alcarie No worries; I understand! I'll pay the 300Zc for the Humming Griffin first; I've added the Zc and accepted the trade.

But on another note, I wasn't aware that there were limits on custom pets! I started a few years back, but only recently became more active. Would you give a quick run down of what the limit means please? In particular, would the limit be reset monthly or is it not available anymore? Sorry for all the questions!

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@kurokishi Sorry about the late reply! Life's been busy. :3

Yeah, the limit kinda sucks but at the same time I can completely understand why it's in place.~ There is a limit on both the Custom pets and the CYO pets. For both it's 50. After 50 are in the system you can no longer get any more. Unless you buy a Custom potion. For actual Custom pets is 20 Zp, and I think it's 10zp for CYO pets, but could be wrong about that one. I've never bought any potions myself. If you buy this potion you get 50 more pets. Sorry if this is not a great answer!

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@Alcarie No worries; I understand!

I agree with you; the limit is a drawback, but necessary. I was able to find the 20ZP Custom Potion you mentioned in the Paintbrush Shop too. No, thanks so much for taking the time to provide me with comprehensive explanation! It's answered my questions and I have a better understanding of how the system works now. It was a lucky thing I was able to get one Abstruse Mongrel! Thanks also for the Humming Griffin!

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