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@yammy15 may i have a american badger and leopard thing? @_@:Well, my account is 3 months old, but i was away more than half that time and havent beem on at all, so ive been online about 2 and a half weeks, and i only have 8 pets. Does this count? >.< if so may i please have an above Um, yeah my goal is to collect a bunch of pets, i have few so

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can i still have some free pets because i'm not so new any more but i wan to start a gifting thread like this, i dont care what they are but at least one rare one is wanted my username is on pa is : RareP4nda . also zc and zp or orbs are also wanted. thanks

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PA name (main site): Warhola

Number of pets you want to get: 3

Which pets you want (Copy the picture of it): I have no idea how to post an image yet, I'm sorry. Will a link be ok?




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Sorry for all missed post... Since I have left PA a while and just came back, I think I am gonna cancelled all the post except the latest one only... I am very confusing with all the post >< Sorry again!


For the one who I cancelled, welcome to repost again (but need to check the "new" list first sorry).


I am going to update the list soon, maybe today or tomorrow... so welcome to check it :)



The first 3 pets you want are still available but for my custom Olympic Spirit, would you mind different alt ?

That's mean this alt 341351.png  change to adult4.png.   Are you okay with that ? I have sent the trade to you, please tell me if you want another pet.

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      Thank you for being such an amazing partner, I love you so much 
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